Sunday, January 13, 2019

Highland Raven is on sale this week. And I need your help! Let's have a poll.Can't see images? Click here...
Happy New Year!
I hope this new year finds you all doing well. There is always a great sense of excitement to start off the new year. I didn't make any resolutions this year, but I did decide to go with a word. A lot of people were selecting words to set the theme of how they wanted their year to be. My kids picked "splendid" and "magnificent." I decided to go with "flow." I want to go with the flow a bit more, but I also flow toward the things that are good for me, to take it a little bit easier, and be a little more chill. 
Did you pick a word for your year? I'd love to hear it. Feel free to hit reply and share.
I'm writing today with a question. I have my writing schedule for 2019 pretty much set. Lycans and Legends, the last Clemeny book is up next, then I plan to work on Agent Red's (aka Sleeping Beauty) trilogy as part of my Steampunk Fairy Tales collection. The rest of my year is designated for Historical Fantasy.
But I'm stuck.
What do I work on first?
OPTION 1: Do I want to go down the road of Druids, Celts, and Romans in a what I'm tenatively calling "The Britannia Series" which focuses on an ancient Celtic queen an her Roman enemies?
OPTION 2: Do I want to work on a Viking series I'd tentatively titled "The Road to Valhalla" that focuses on the life of a shieldmaiden devoted to the Norse gods?
Honestly, both series require a hefty amount of research, so it will take some time. Both will feature strong female characters and plenty of old school magic. But which do I start first?
I was struggling over this the other night when my daughter asked me what was wrong. I told her my problem.
My daughter (all of 8 years old) said, "Why don't you ask your readers what they want?" Kids are smart. In the spirit of going with the flow, I'm asking!
What would you be more inclined to read a story focused on an ancient Celtic Queen and her Roman adversaeries or one focused on a Viking shieldmaiden?

Let's have a vote:

Click the Shieldmaiden for Vikings (image 1) or Cernunnos (The Green Man, image 2) for Celts, Druids, and Romans

Please note that the "click" on the image will take you to Pinterest. Since Mailerlite stinks at polling, this was the best way I could come up with to register your vote. It will count your click and take you over to Pinterest. You don't have a to have a Pinterest account to vote. Your click is recorded as your vote. Your vote will be counted!
Again, the CLICK will register your vote even if you don't have a Pinterest account. THANK YOU for helping out! I'm excited to see what you think.
In other news, I have put Highland Raven, Book 1 of The Celtic Blood Series, on sale this week. If you would like to snag Book 1 for 99 cents, this is your chance. I rarely put this series on sale. It is on sale in ALL AMAZON stores.
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Paperbacks have arrived!

I know many of you were looking for paperbacks of Goblins and Snowflakes and Howls and Hallows. Those paperbacks are now available. The paperbacks for Highland Queen are in progress and will be ready soon. Also, Lesley Parkin, narrator-extraordinaire, has her copy of Highland Queen and is getting prepared to get to work!

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